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9 Countiesof NETRAC (1)

The Northeast Texas Regional Advisory Council covers a sprawling area of 5,795 square miles across 9 counties in the northeastern part of Texas. This region boasts a wealth of historical landmarks and is inhabited by around 300,000 residents. The community is bolstered by a network of healthcare institutions including 6 hospitals, 5 EMS providers, 2 air medical providers, and 4 freestanding emergency rooms, all of which are integral members of NETRAC, actively participating in its various committees, programs, and initiatives. Together, they contribute to the council's mission of enhancing healthcare services and emergency response capabilities across the region.

NETRAC takes pride in its role serving a diverse population and supporting a wide geographic area within Texas. With its member institutions deeply involved in collaborative efforts, the council strives to improve health outcomes and emergency medical services for the residents and visitors of this historically rich and culturally vibrant corner of the state.